The spa center of the Sveti Nikola SPA Hotel offers its clients a wide variety of massages, each with specific techniques and methods. At the customer's request, different types of massages can be combined with products or appliances to achieve a healing effect and a pleasant feeling.

The following types of massages are available in our SPA center::

Classic body massage 40 min. 40.00 BGN
Optimizes blood circulation and relaxes muscles, resulting in a complete recovery from fatigue
Partial classic massage 20 min. 25.00 BGN
Focused on the most vulnerable parts of the body, it has an energizing effect
Four-hand massage - whole 40 min. 50.00 BGN
For a complete relaxation with a double stronger effect.
Four-hand massage - partial 20 мин. 30.00 лева
For a complete relaxation with a double stronger effect.
Soap massage / Hamam 60 min. 50.00 BGN
An ideal way to cleanse the body from the harmful substances by means of a jet of heated steam under pressure, which at the same time has an anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and pain-relieving effect. The massage commences after the necessary warming-up of the body. It consists of two stages - "power oriental peeling" followed by a relaxing soap massage.
Healing massage - whole body 40 min. 40.00 BGN
Helps the rapid recovery of the body.
Healing massage - partial 20 min. 25.00 BGN
Helps the rapid recovery of the body.
Aroma massage 30 min. 40.00 BGN
It combines the sensation of the massage with the curative properties of essential oils taken by the body through the skin and the senses.
Reflex massage on the feet 30 min. 30.00 BGN
It releases the body from tension and toxins, improves blood circulation, restores energy and balances the whole organism.
Anti-cellulite massage 30 min. 35.00 BGN
Removes cellulite lumps and knots and shapes the silhouette.
Anti-cellulite massage with honey 20 min 30.00 BGN
Removes cellulite lumps and nodules and shapes the silhouette, releasing the body from the accumulated toxins. Relaxing massage with chocolate cream. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin while rebuilding the body from the accumulated fatigue.
Relaxing massage 40 min 35.00 BGN
Suitable with fatigue, physical and mental stress; soothes and tones the muscles, supports blood circulation, stimulates lymph flow, strengthens the general physical condition.
Relaxing massage with chocolate cream 30 min 40.00 BGN
Relaxing massage with wine cream 30 min 35.00 BGN
It recovers the body after the accumulated fatigue and stress while also exerting an astringent and rejuvenating effect on the skin.
Relaxing foot massage with honey 15 min 15.00 BGN
Combines the curative properties of honey with the therapeutic effect of zonotherapy; has a beneficial effect on the whole organism and releases it from the accumulated toxins.
Back massage 20 min 30.00 BGN
It improves blood circulation and accelerates the release of the body from the continually growing toxins, removes tension and stress, stimulates immune protection, increases vitality and refreshes.
Peeling 15 min 15.00 BGN
In addition to the positive effect of the massage, the peeling cleanses the skin deeply and smooths it, stimulates the reproduction of cells and improves blood flow.