Water therapies

Pearl bath with mineral water 20 min. 15.00 BGN
Pearls (air bubbles) make underwater micromassage of the body, which has a relaxing and invigorating effect, and in combination with the curative properties of the mineral water, is successfully applied as part of a healing or prophylactic therapy.
Pearl bath with essential 20 min. 20.00 BGN
A relaxing and toning procedure, the effect of which is enhanced by the applied aromatic oils; it has a beneficial effect on the body, making the skin silky smooth and soft.
Bath with algae and sea 20 min. 25.00 BGN
A natural way to regenerate the skin, improves blood circulation and acts relaxing.
Mud bath 20 min. 25.00 BGN
Stimulates the skin by increasing blood circulation and energizing the skin tissues; has beneficial effects in the treatment of skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, post-traumatic conditions.
Tangentor 30 min. 20.00 BGN
Accelerates blood and lymphophysiology, improves metabolism in problematic areas.